Edward McGill is Stacey McGill's father and Maureen McGill's ex-husband. He works as a corporate lawyer and lives in New York City. He has a brother named Lou McGill who is married to Beverly Tuttle and have twins named Jonathan and Kirsten as revealed in The Truth About Stacey.


Early in his career, Edward worked as a public defender (Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?), but at some point he switched to the more lucrative field of corporate law. For unknown reasons, he was transferred from the New York to Stamford offices shortly before the events of book #1, Kristy's Great Idea, and transferred back to New York in #13, Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. He was made vice-president of his firm in #58 Stacey's Choice. He is known as a workaholic and often goes to the office on weekends and brings work to do on family vacations.

Personal LifeEdit

Edward and Maureen McGill divorced in book #28, Welcome Back, Stacey!, citing irreconcilable differences. A fight overheard by Stacey suggests that Edward was angry at Maureen, who did not work at the time, for spending money in way he didn't approve of, while Maureen was angry at Ed for working too much and appearing to care about money over his family.

In #76 Stacey's Lie, Ed revealed to Stacey that he had a girlfriend named Samantha Young and they later become engaged in the Friends Forever series.


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