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Eileen Murphy is a sixth grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. She only appears in Baby-sitters' Fright Night.


Eileen is roomed with Mallory Pike on the trip to Salem in Baby-sitters' Fright Night. She became the target of bullying by Cokie Mason and Alan Gray while there. They would tease her saying that she was a witch or tripping her. Members of the BSC would stand up for her to them.

One of her ancestors was accused of being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. Her ancestor wasn't hanged and was innocent the entire time. She outlasted the madness.

Kristy Thomas notes that she doesn't have a lot social skills. She ducks her head when she talks to you and never looks you directly in the eye. She stares intensely making someone uneasy. Kristy also notes that her fashion sense is also poor as she is seen wearing loose dingy black outfits.

She is last seen making friends with the other students.


  • Eileen doesn't believe in curses.
  • She has a baby brother that she says is cute and funny.
  • While on the school trip, she and Mallory become friends.