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Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson is the daughter of Jack Schafer & Carol Olson, and the half-sister of Dawn Schafer and Jeff Schafer.


Elizabeth was born on June 17th in Dawn, Diary Two. Her name "just came" to Carol and Jack as they were looking at her right after her birth. Jack thought of Elizabeth, and Carol choose Grace as she felt it was a grace that the baby had finally arrived.

Dawn later realized that her sister also happened to share her first name with Sunny's terminally ill mother, Elizabeth "Betsy" Winslow. Dawn doesn't think Jack intentionally named his second daughter after their neighbor and friend, but notes that she still's very glad her sister has that name.

She is only a couple of weeks old in Mary Anne and the Playground Fight. Mary Anne notes that Dawn is upset that she had to leave her to go to Connecticut so soon after she was born.

She is very happy, and smiles a lot. She looks a lot like Dawn, which was okay with Carol. At the end of the series, she was about six months old, and was teething. Dawn thought she would hate her, but she loved her.


  • Jeff chose her nickname, Gracie.
  • She weighed 8lbs, 2ozs at birth.
  • Her room, across from Jack and Carol's, is bright yellow with white trim. The curtains and rocking chair cushions are blue and white checked.
  • On the day Gracie came home from the hospital, Jeff hung a poster of Michael Jordan on her wall.
  • In Dawn, Diary Three she's been teething.
  • In Dawn, Diary Two, Dawn's first impression of Grace is that her sister is the sweetest infant she's ever seen.