Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer is the wife of Watson Brewer, the mother of Charlie, Sam, Kristy & David Michael Thomas, the adoptive mother of Emily Michelle Brewer and the step-mother to Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer.

Her age is estimated at about "37 or something." Watson is slightly older than her.

Elizabeth's mother is Nannie. She has two sisters named Colleen and Theo.

She is divorced from Patrick Thomas. She is very motherly to Mary Anne Spier.

Elizabeth gave birth to Charlie shortly after graduating from college. When she had Kristy, she had labor pains during a Yankees game.

She has never forgiven Patrick for leaving the family, but doesn't sit around whining about how badly he treated them.

After Patrick walked out on the family, Elizabeth hired a housekeeper named Mrs. Culp to look after the house and David Michael.

Elizabeth and Watson started dating four months before Kristy began seventh grade and got engaged in October. They married at the end of June.

Her maiden surname was Taylor before she married Patrick.


  • Elizabeth works full-time for a big company in Stamford.

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

  • Goes to estate sales with Watson and finds interesting things
  • Plays tennis with Mrs. Crane


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