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Elm Street is a street in Stoneybrook, CT.


Intersects with Bradford Court where Stoneybrook Community Center's bus drops off Myriah Perkins.

Elm street also intersects with Burnt Hill Road in Stacey the Math Whiz and Stacey vs. the BSC.

It's not far from Carle Playground where Natalie Springer and Claudia Kishi can walk from Natalie's house to the playground in Claudia and Crazy Peaches.

It's mentioned to be near Locust Avenue in Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street.

At the intersection Claudia turn's left on Bradford Court onto Elm in Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby.

In Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook, there's a house that is being knocked down which freaks Stacey. The house is on the opposite end of of where Stacey lived. She and Charlotte Johanssen thought that it was haunted. It was the oldest house on the street.

In Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, Kimball Street is close to Elm Street, Burnt Hill Road, Bradford Court, Slate Street, and Fawcett Avenue are within walking distance to each other.




  • Ronald Hennessey used to own the house at the end of Elm Street that gets torn down. Parts of it are saved for the historical society. He tells Stacey McGill false ghost stories about the house, but owns up to them before his death in the nursing home.