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Elsie Goldberg (nee Weiss) is the mother of Rachel Stevenson and Miriam Goldberg. She is the maternal grandmother of Abby and Anna Stevenson and Daniel Goldberg. Her husband is Morris Goldberg.


Elsie has short silvery white hair and dark brown eyes.


She lives in Florida and has a summer house in the Hamptons in Abby in Wonderland. She celebrated her anniversary and she had the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Elsie got dressed up as the White Queen.

In Abby and the Mystery Baby, her garden club hosted the town's Spring Ball. Elsie was president of the decorations committee. It's revealed in this book that she did not get along with Miriam and the family stopped talking to her. She started to speak to her and loved her grandson, Daniel, a lot.

It's talked about in Abby in Wonderland that Elsie and her sister, Leah, don't exactly get along. Miriam says it was because Leah mentioned that she went on Weight Watchers at a dinner and Elise thought she said something being spiteful. She was embarrassed and then one thing led to another. She didn't invited Leah to the party, but after Abby tried to get her to come, Elsie invited her sister. In the book, she was also being screened for breast cancer that she might have it after finding a lump. The last thing Abby knows is that they were doing a biopsy on it.


  • She likes to use Yiddish terms.
  • Elsie loves to spend time at the beach.
  • Her best friend is Molly, who forgets names and likes to wear colorful outfits. She works on Broadway and borrowed pieces for the party in Abby in Wonderland.
  • Elsie feels responsible for keeping her family together.