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Emily Bernstein is an eighth grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. Emily is the editor of the school paper.

Appearance and Personality[]

Emily can be rather intense and is an ambitious smart girl. She's a dynamo in her own low-key serious way and always pays attention.


She used to sit with Claudia's old lunch group. In Dawn Saves the Planet Emily is at SMS's recycling center opening. She passed out pamphlets on recycling and a subscription for for P3, an environment magazine.

In #71 Claudia and the Perfect Boy, Emily helps Claudia start her own personals column.

Emily passes around the petition to end school spirit month in Dawn and the School Spirit War. She was against it and helped out Dawn Schafer.

In Stacey's Movie she is in a group with Stacey McGill, Erica Blumberg, Pete Black in their Short Takes class. They film a documentary about what it's like to be in middle school. She originally wanted to be the writer but then assigned to be producer. Emily becomes demanding about the project and makes Erica take a side on what to do about Mary Anne Spier's part. Emily reveals that she loves writing for the paper but deadlines are overwhelming. She sometimes has to rewrite bad articles. She flips her interview back to Stacey. She likes to observe rather be observed. She calls herself a journalist but she doesn't know all the rules of journalism. She says that Mary Anne gave up the right to take out what she said, when journalists have to follow consent laws.

Emily retypes the the anti-school spirit month petition in Dawn and the School Spirit War.

In Mary Anne's Revenge she was voted most intelligent and most likely to succeed in the yearbook.

She has a sister and will sometimes borrows her clothes, such as in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. Rick Chow had thrown food on the sweater she had borrowed.

Emily is the one that first saw Robert Brewster cheating on Stacey in Stacey's Broken Heart. She had called her at a BSC meeting.