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The Engle Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT on Forest Drive. Many books in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series features the family.


When Lisa Engle and Watson Brewer divorced, Lisa got remarried to Seth Engle. The two met when Lisa commissioned him to make bookshelves, which was mentioned in Karen's Book. They live on Forest Drive. In Karen's Nanny, Lisa hires Merry Perkins to help with the kids while she works.

Both Seth and Lisa don't like guns, and they don't allow Karen and Andrew to have bubble guns in Karen's Toys. It's also mentioned that they do not like to listen to commercials and mute them.

Annemarie Eugenia Dillon and her cousin Polly (short for Pauline) are ancestors of Lisa's side of the family who were born around 1884. However, it's not mentioned which side they are on. They went vacationing in Lobster Cove, Maine in 1892 with their grandparents where they met for the first time. Annemarie wrote in her diaries the summer of 1892. Later diaries were found from 1902. Annemarie married her fiance Toby when she was nineteen years old. Polly's father had remarried and moved to Europe by 1902. Karen Brewer and Diana found the missing picture of Polly's mother in Karen's Magic Garden.

The family currently owns the house that they stayed in.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

Engle Side

Packett Side

  • Grandma Packett
  • Carol and John Packett (Karen's great aunt and uncle)
  • Ellen and Mark (Ellen is Lisa's sister)
    • Diana (Karen's first cousin)
    • Kelsey
  • Michael (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Denise (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Mimi (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Alison (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Richard (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Philip (Lisa's first cousin)
  • Janet (Karen's aunt)
  • Henry (Karen's uncle)
  • Mark (Karen's uncle)
  • Theresa and Edward - cousin (12, twins)
  • Jonathan - cousin, 12 years old
  • Henry - cousin, 11 years olds
  • Sarah - cousin, 10 years old
  • Jennifer - cousin, 5 years old
  • Two babies - cousin
  • Nicky - cousin
  • Benjamin - cousin
  • Clare - cousin
  • Laura - cousin

In Karen's Field Day Lisa mentions other relatives. It is unknown if they are alive or not that include:

  • Her mother's cousin Livia, who loved to fish and would go out in hip boots and cast flies with her six brothers. She famously caught fourteen largemouth bass in one afternoon.
  • Great aunt Harriet, according to the family legend she was a bookie but never went to prison.
  • Aunt Patsy, famous for her big feet.
  • Granny Nolan could drink water and whistle at the same time.
  • Edna Milton was a scullery maid at Highgate Hall. She ran off with a gardener named Nigel to open a flower shop in London before it went under. She died on the Beulah May and drowned before they reached America.



The bedrooms are on the second floor. The living room and the kitchen is on the first floor. There's a mirror above the telephone table mentioned in Kristy and the Copycat. There's an extra room on the second floor in Karen's Ice Skates. There's a den on the ground floor with a sofa that converts to a bed so Granny and Granddad could get around easy in Karen's Turkey Day.

There's a willow and two oak trees in their backyard and a tree that close to Karen's window in Karen's Treasure. In the 1930s, the backyard looked different then it is when the Engles live there. The hedges was across the side of the yard then and now they're across the back. A few trees have been cut down since.

The basement and attic are mentioned in Karen's New Puppy. There's an extra refrigerator in the basement and two big windows. The basement is now carpeted as of Karen's Cartwheel and the laundry machine is down there. There's a picnic table outside that the family will have dinner at in Karen's Lucky Penny.

In Karen's Treasure, Lisa mentions that the house was built around 1920. There are eaves where Karen found an old box from a previous owner, Henry Carmody.


  • They line dry their laundry in Karen's Bully. It made it easy for Bobby Gianelli to steal Karen's underwear in the book.
  • There was a family reunion held in Lobster Cove, Maine in Karen's Magic Garden.
  • There is a five block rule where Karen can ride her bike either way.
  • Lisa considers pop-tarts junk food and doesn't let the kids eat them for breakfast in Kristy's Great Idea.
  • In the Baby-Sitters Little Sister Graphic Novels, the Engles don’t seem to have a landline. Karen uses Lisa's cell phone when talking to friends.
  • Seth and Lisa are friends with Mr. and Mrs. Menders and visit them with Karen and Andrew in Baby-sitters' Haunted House.