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Erica Blumberg is a student at Stoneybrook Middle School with the members of the Baby-Sitters Club. She lives on the same block as the Newton Family, not too far from Claudia Kishi. In Claudia and the Terrible Truth, Mrs. Kishi mentions that she lives on Forest Drive. By Claudia and the Friendship Feud, Erica lives on Elm Street down the street from Stacey.


She has short brown hair, the saleslady at Bellair's points out red highlights. Erica doesn't have pierced ears.


Erica was adopted at three weeks old when her parents (her mother's name is Rachel) thought that they couldn't have kids. She had grown up knowing about it and that her parents loved her no matter what. Later her parents had a biological son, her brother, Mike, who is now five.

Erica wins the best excuse for not doing homework award in Kristy and the Missing Child, by saying her mom composted her report.

She is in the same Modern Living class as Mary Anne Spier and Logan Bruno, the same math class as Stacey McGill with Mr. Zizmore, and in Claudia's Short Takes Drama class.

In Claudia and the Friendship Feud she becomes close friends with Claudia. Erica is described as more creative by Claudia. Claudia tells her everything that happened with her fight with Stacey. While she and Claudia are friends, she got jealous when Claudia would talk about Stacey with her. Claudia had apologized to her. She sits for the Pike Family for the first time in this book.

Erica baby-sits and gets more jobs when the BSC temporarily disbands in Kristy's Worst Idea. She also baby-sits the Nicholls Family in Claudia and the Terrible Truth and discovers that Mr. Nicholls was physically and verbally abusing his sons. Erica goes to a BSC meeting to talk about the sitting jobs and what to do about reporting them. She baby-sits again with Claudia in the Friends Forever series, including a job with the Pike kids in Claudia and the Friendship Feud. She knows pig latin, which surprises the Pike Triplets and eventually Jordan Pike develops a crush on her.

In Claudia and the Disaster Date she got a job at the library in the children's room with Claudia. She does some research looking for her birth parents in the book. She finds out they are Alison Stiller and Jonathon Gardner after getting into her parents' safe. Erica sits down and talks to her parents about being adopted by the end of the book. Claudia stayed with her when they talked. She decides to wait until she's older to continue trying to locate her birth parents.

In Stacey's Movie, she's in Stacey McGill's Short Takes class. She originally wanted to be the cinematographer, but then assigned to be director. She said that things that make her mad include war, pollution, and violence. Her section in the video was very short because Pete Black brought over Alan Gray to be interviewed. Erica was very general and tried not to get emotional. She agreed to let Mary Anne put her extra part in.

Erica babysat for the Newton Family in Kristy's Worst Idea when the BSC had broken up.



  • Math
  • Animals, especially pigs
  • Opening a new box of books


  • Spelling
  • Mice
  • Getting dressed up
  • Wearing make up
  • Waking up early
  • Rats