Everything Changes is the first Super Special and first book in the Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever series by Ann M. Martin. It takes place after The Baby-Sitters Club series concludes, with Mary Anne adjusting to the events of The Fire at Mary Anne's House.

Back Cover SummaryEdit

It's a summer the BSC members will never forget. For some, it's time to leave the club. For others, it's time to make a new beginning. Plenty of surprises await them – boyfriend troubles, friendship feuds, tough decisions, and totally unexpected adventures. Throughout it all, one things is for sure: By the time the summer is over, the BSC will be very different ... and better than ever!


Jessi, Logan, and Abby leave the Baby-sitters Club, leaving the four original members Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Stacey. These four narrate the remaining books in the Friends Forever series.

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