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Ewan Brooke is a five year old sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. His father is John Brooke and his older sister is Joni Brooke.


Ewan is sturdy with large hazel eyes and wispy light brown hair.


Ewan is supposed to go to bed at 7 but sometimes will stay up a little later. He can't tell time yet. He tries to wait for his dad to come back after a date but falls asleep. Ewan thinks that Maureen is pretty. But his sister scares him when she tells him that she would be mean like the step mother in Cinderella.

At the end of Stacey McGill... Matchmaker?, Stacey agrees to be his honorary older sister.


  • He is in the same class as Claire Pike.
  • He really likes the teletubbies.
  • Ewan wasn't told why his parents got divorced
  • He gets the occasional postcard from his mother.