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The Felder Family is the family of BSC charge Susan Felder. They live in Stoneybrook, CT.


The Felders live around the corner from Claudia. Mrs. Felder had called the BSC to sit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's for a month between switching schools in Kristy and the Secret of Susan.

Susan Felder is an eight year old with brown eyes and brown hair. She has been diagnosed as an autistic savant and seems to live in her own world. Kristy Thomas is Susan's first baby-sitter and introduces her to James Hobart who is her first "real" friend. Susan is going to be transferred to a school with a strong music program.

Mrs. Felder is pregnant with another daughter, to be named Hope. She and her husband had their baby tested for autism and the test comes back negative. She knew Elizabeth Thomas and tried to make play dates with David Michael, but it never worked out. Mrs. Felder played piano which Susan picked up from her.


The living room is bright and sunny and has a grand piano. The backyard is fenced in with a swing set and sandbox. Susan owns a tricycle.


  • The Felders only appear in Kristy and the Secret of Susan.
  • Mrs. Felder doesn't work.
  • Mr. Felder is described as a big man with a beard, large smile, and lots of curly hair. He's effusive and easy going.
  • When Hope is born, Kristy wants to call her Hopie.