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The Feldman Family is a sitting charge of the Baby-Sitters Club. The children are the first cousins of Jamie and Lucy Newton. They live outside of Stoneybrook and are minor characters in the series.


They make their appearance in Kristy's Great Idea. Claudia is asked to baby-sit for the Newtons and finds that at the last minute, Mrs. Newton's sister, Diane, needs a babysitter as well for her three children, due to her, her husband, and Mrs. Newton going to an art show downtown.

The Feldman children are quite a handful. Rob (8) hates all girls like his sisters, girl babysitters, his mother, and his aunt, Brenda (5) was rather clingy to her mother and very cranky, and Rosie fought with Jamie. While Claudia is there, the Feldman children decide to start driving her crazy by running around the room screaming at the top of their lungs (Rosie), jumping on the couch (Brenda), and pretending to be ninjas (Rob). Claudia uses the ignore technique and rather than paying attention to the misbehaving children, starts reading books to Jamie. Eventually, the rest of the Feldman children stop causing trouble and become interested in the books Claudia is reading. They all settle down for a peaceful afternoon.

In Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, the children are baby-sat by Claudia and Kristy Thomas, so Kristy could help Claudia with the Feldman children. They are present when Alan Gray is caught sneaking around the house. The kids all get "Cookie surprise" (cookies and ice cream) for being good when the cops came in.

When their parents and their aunt and uncle go to a concert and dinner in Dawn on the Coast, they are baby sat by Claudia along with their cousins, Jamie and Lucy, and friends Myriah and Gabbie Perkins, which who were sat by Mary Anne. The Feldman weren't crazy as seen in the previous books they appear in. Rob (now 10) tries to help his new cousin, Lucy, by reading a book about babies in space.

Family Members[]

  • Mrs. Diane Feldman
  • Mr. Feldman
  • Rob Feldman (8, later 10)
  • Brenda Feldman (5, later 6)
  • Rosie Feldman (3, later 4)


Book Appearances[]