Forest Drive is a street in Stoneybrook, CT where many residents live. It is often the setting for Karen's adventures in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series. Presumably the children in this neighborhood go to Stoneybrook Academy, due to three neighbors going to the same school.

Residents Edit

  • Karen lives in a two-story "Little House" with her mother, stepfather, and little brother at 12 Forest Drive.
  • Nancy Dawes lives next door to Karen on Forest Drive.
  • In Karen's Bully, Bobby Gianelli moves down the street from Karen and Nancy with his parents and little sister Alicia.
  • In Karen's Toys, the Barton family move down the street when the Jessups moved. The Barton family includes: Mark, Eric, Jackie, Lynda, and Meghan.
  • Kathryn and Willie Barnes
  • The Druckers.
  • Mrs. Harris


  • There is a creek that goes behind Karen's house called McConnell's Brook (formally Deer Stream)
  • A family called the Barrows used to live in Nancy's house in 1935
  • Henry Carmody used to live in the Engle home in 1934 that had eventually been sold in 1938.
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