Franklin DeWitt is married Mrs. Barrett in Super Special #12 Here Come the Bridesmaids!. He has four children: Lindsey, Taylor, Madeleine, and Ryan from his first marriage to an unknown woman.


He is described as very tall with auburn hair and wire-rimmed glasses. He gets along the Barrett kids very well. Mr. DeWitt is a prompt and organized person.


Marries Mrs. Barrett on December 17. The kids weren't too interested in meeting the Barreets for the first time. The kids reconcile and get along well.

After Franklin and Mrs. Barrett get married, her three children Buddy Barrett, Suzi Barrett, and Marnie Barrett move in with Franklin and his four children.


  • The BSC sends two baby-sitters to the DeWitt/Barrett house because there are more than four children at a time (the same rule applies at the Pike house).
  • He has no relation to the DeWitts in Palo City, California.
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