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BSC Friends Forever Super Special 1 Everything Changes

The Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever series took the BSC series to a different level. The club is going through several major changes and the new series is a reflection of those changes as the girls get ready for high school and finally graduate from Stoneybrook Middle School. The series ran from July 1999 to October 2000. The final book Graduation Day marked the end of the series.


Early in the book a recap of what happened in previous books including Mary Anne's house burning down.

List of Books[]

  • Special #1 Everything Changes - Some members are leaving the club and others are just looking for a new beginning. The only thing that's certain is that things are changing.
  1. Kristy's Big News - Kristy is asked to be a bridesmaid at her father's wedding.
  2. Stacey vs. Claudia - When cute boy Jeremy Rudolph comes to Stoneybrook from Olympia, Washington, Stacey is sure that he's perfect for her friend Claudia. However, when it becomes obvious Jeremy is interested in Stacey, she must make a choice: her best friend, or a boy?
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  3. Mary Anne's Big Breakup - Mary Anne decides to break up with Logan due to their growing incompatible interests and values.
  4. Claudia and the Friendship Feud - Claudia and Stacey still aren't speaking to each other because of their fight over Jeremy, and Claudia finds a new friend in Erica Blumberg.
  5. Kristy Power! - Kristy and Cary Retlin are paired together to write biographies about each other, and Kristy discovers that Cary has a secret.
  6. Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap - Five of Stacey's ex-boyfriends come into the picture at once.
  7. Claudia Gets Her Guy - Claudia finally has a chance with Jeremy, and a chance to save her friendship with Stacey.
  8. Mary Anne's Revenge - Cokie spreads rumors about Mary Anne and Logan, and Mary Anne exposes Cokie as the brat that she is.
  9. Kristy and the Kidnapper - Kristy and Abby go to Washington DC for a debate competition and save David, Stacey's ex-boyfriend, from a kidnapper. Kristy is being followed around by a body guard. It annoys David but Kristy doesn't mind. Will the kidnapper steal David or will he get caught?
  10. Stacey's Problem - Stacey's excited that her dad is getting remarried, but her mom is miserable about the news
  11. Welcome Home, Mary Anne - Mary Anne's new house is finally complete, but is she ready for it? Also, Dawn and her friend Sunny Winslow visit from California.
  12. Claudia and the Disaster Date - Claudia starts dating class clown, Alan Gray, and begins to see a different side of him. But will her friends accept her choice?
  • Special #2 Graduation Day - Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, and Abby graduate from Stoneybrook Middle School.