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Girl magazine Baby-sitters Club bookad from 91 1995

1995 ad from book 91

G*I*R*L magazine, which stands for Girls in Real Life, was a magazine fans could subscribe to in 1994-1996, with the first issue released in October 1994. In 1994, four magazines were issued per year, in 1995-1996, six issues were released per year.

Issues Included[]

  • Upcoming selections from the Baby-sitters Club books
  • Articles on handling stress, turning dreams into careers, making friends, breaking down gender barriers, and more
  • The latest on new movies, books, movies and sports

BSC Fan Club members got the chance to sign up early to receive the magazines. Initially, with an offer expiring July 15, 1994, fans would receive four issues per year (fall, winter, spring, and summer), with the first issue arriving October 1994, for a cost of $10.

In a later ad, with an offer ending September 15, 1995, the first issue would arrive in November 1995. For readers of BSC books, the in-book advertisement offers expired July 1, 1996. In each case, the six-issue, one year subscription cost $15.

The Charter Issue, arriving October 1994, featured gymnasts Betty Okino and Kim Zmeskal.

The Volume 1, No. 2 issue, dated March 1995, included an interview with Lani Billard and Laura Bertram of TV's "Ready or Not" and a sneak preview of book #83 Stacey vs. the BSC.