Gabbie Perkins book 14

Gabriella Gabbie Perkins is a 2 and-a-half-year-old sitting charge of the BSC. She has an older sister named Myriah Perkins and a baby sister named Laura Perkins. She has blonde hair & brown eyes, the same as Myriah. She is quite smart for her age and is potty-trained.

Gabbie says cute things like "toshe me up" (which means pick me up & give me a hug). She calls people by their full names and is very huggable. She likes to color and give tea parties for her dolls. She also likes donuts.

Gabbie has Myriah's old Cabbage Patch doll whose name was Caroline Eunice, but now Gabbie calls her Cindy Jane. She likes to sing and put on shows with her big sister. Gabbie & Myriah are popular in the neighborhood for all the long songs that they know.

She and Myriah sang in the kids' band created by the BSC called "All the Children" (short for "All the Children of the World"). She was rehearsing for a play at her preschool called "The Three Piggy Opera" and had the chicken pox. She is friends with Jamie Newton. She is the youngest player on Kristy's Krushers.

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