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The Gale Family is a family that lives outside of Stoneybrook, CT. They are only seen in Karen's Pony.


They are first shown at the Macdonell's garage sale buying chickens and goats. Mr. and Mrs. Gale like living on a farm, but they are not farmers. Mr. Gale works in an office in Stoneybrook and Mrs. Gale is a librarian.

Their son, Roddie, is seven years old and makes friends with Karen Brewer. He always wanted a pony, but he wasn't allowed to have one because they aren't useful on the family farm. Later, when Karen realizes Blueberry is lonely, the Gales changed their minds (as Watson agrees to pay a boarding fee, meaning Blueberry will be earning his keep like their other animals) and happily take Blueberry.

The family moves away in Karen's Pony Camp.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. Gale
  • Mrs. Gale
  • Roddie Gale (7)


  • The Cooper Family who originally boarded Blueberry, are their neighbors.
  • The family has a cow named Betsy, chickens named Annie, Hannie, and Frannie, and a goat named Huckleberry.
  • They move away in Karen's Pony Camp, leading Blueberry to be taken to Camp Happy Trails.