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The Gardella Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live in Stoneybrook, CT. The family only appears in Stacey and the Missing Ring.


Kristy Thomas vows that the BSC will never sit for them again, after Mrs. Gardella accuses Stacey McGill of stealing from her. At a later sitting job, they learn that the cat, Mouse, had took the ring and hidden it with the other stuff it took.

They have a regular nanny that takes care of the baby, Tara. The nanny had to step away because of family problems for a few weeks. Tara is described as a happy baby with big blue eyes. The family is described as rich.

The family treats their pets like they are their children. The cat, Mouse, is allowed to eat at the dining room table. Both pets don't eat canned food.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. Peter Gardella
  • Mrs. Kay Gardella
  • Tara Gardella (seven months)


  • Mouse (pet cat)
  • Bird (pet dog)



The base of the driveway has black wrought-iron fence and gate. It's described as pretty impressive: brick, with big white columns on either side of the humongous front door. A white urn stands to the right of the door, spilling over with icy and red flowers. The doorbell is brass music-box key that user must turn for chime.


The main hall leads to huge living room stuffed with fancy furniture and expensive looking lamps. A grand piano stands in one corner with a beautiful red silk scarf on top of it. Tara's room is pink and white with a rosebud theme. There is a matching crib, dresser, changing table, lampshade, and wall paper.