Haley Braddock is a 9-year-old sitting charge of the BSC. She has short blonde hair with a tail in the back, a heart-shaped face with brown eyes, dark lashes, and a dimple in the right corner of her mouth. She is also small for her age.

Haley has a 7-year-old brother named Matt Braddock who is profoundly deaf. She is fluent in American Sign Language and uses it to communicate with Matt & often translates for him when they are with people who don't understand sign language as well. Haley can be very protective of Matt, but she sometimes feels resentful of the attention that he gets. She wears a clay pendant, painted red with an "H" scratched on it that Matt made for her in art class and gave it to her for Christmas.

Haley is best friends with Vanessa Pike, whom she can be competitive with. They were temporarily ex-best friends after wearing the same swimsuit to Stoneybrook Day Camp, but they later reconcile.

She is a cheerleader for Kristy's Krushers along with Vanessa & Charlotte Johanssen and plays for the Krashers.

She and Matt participated in the BSC pet show and they win the "Best Pet Handlers" prize. Haley dressed as a gypsy fortune teller named Madame Leveaux as a part of the Stoneybrook Elementary School fundraiser for the Zuni reservation; she wins a telescope for the most creative fundraising idea. She dresses up as Madame Leveaux again for Vanessa's haunted house.

Haley attended the Valentine's Day Masquerade and entered the "funny-face race" at the BSC Mini-Olympics. In Book 128, Haley gives the BSC members a hard time when it comes to homework, but it is later revealed that Haley is struggling in school. She also plays basketball.


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