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The Halloween Hop is a school dance at Stoneybrook Middle School. The dance was a focal point in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery, and Kristy's Mystery Admirer.


The Halloween Hop is a Halloween-themed school function. Kristy Thomas attends the dance with Alan Gray as a date for the first time after pestering her. Claudia Kishi goes with Trevor Sandbourne, but it took while for him to ask her. The boys were nervous about asking them which leads to them calling them while on sitting jobs and hanging up.

All of the girls attend for the first time in Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery. Mary Anne Spier learns that her mystery necklace was sent by Cokie Mason, leading to the BSC getting revenge on her in the graveyard.

In Kristy's Mystery Admirer, Kristy attends with Bart Taylor. Bart had been sending her nice messages inviting her to go until they turned threatening. The nice letters were from him and the threatening ones ended up being fake ones from Cokie Mason.


Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls[]

  • None: Kristy, Claudia, and Stacey had made a unanimous decision not to go in costume and wanted to look nice. Their dates said they wouldn’t be caught dead in costumes. Stacey and Claudia ended up with baggy jeans and new bulky sweaters. Kristy wore a plaid jumper and red turtleneck.

Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery[]

  • Mary Anne and Logan as cats
  • Grace and Cokie as punk rockers
  • Claudia didn't get dressed up
  • Dawn had smeared green makeup on her face and stuck a plastic wart on her nose.

Kristy's Mystery Admirer[]

  • Kristy and Bart as Lobsters
  • Mary Anne as a witch
  • Logan as Frankenstien
  • Stacey and Kelsey didn't get dressed up
  • Dawn as Alice in Wonderland
  • Mallory as a clown


Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls[]

  • Kristy with Alan Gray
  • Claudia with Trevor Sandbourne
  • Stacey with Pete Black

Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery[]

Kristy's Mystery Admirer[]


The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)[]

In the Netflix Series the dance was shown. Stacey learned about the Baby-sitters Agency from one of her teachers. Claudia was forced to stay home as punishment after trying to fake a math test grade. Mary Anne and Kristy both were baby-sitting that night.


  • Sometimes the girls wear a different costume to the dance then on Halloween when they go trick or treating. Claudia wore a Smurf costume with her charges but not to the dance in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.
  • Prizes are given out for different costumes in Kristy's Mystery Admirer. Scariest costume prizes went to Danny Olssen and Tara Valentine, as space monsters. Funniest costume prizes go to Danielle Pitchard and Marcus Brown, the surfing dinosaurs. The prizes for the most unusual costumes go to our lobsters, Kristy Thomas and Bart Taylor.