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Hamilton "Ham" Barrett is the father of Suzi, Buddy, and Marnie Barrett. His ex-wife is Natalie Barrett. He is only ever seen in Dawn and the Impossible Three.


As of Here Come the Bridesmaids!, Hamilton is living in Milwaukee. He is only supposed to speak to Buddy, Suzi, and Marnie on alternating Tuesdays. He used to live in an apartment near Stoneybrook.

In Dawn and the Impossible Three, Hamilton sees Buddy playing outside and offers to take him out to hang out for the day. Not knowing that he had a baby-sitter that day, he does it to teach Natalie a lesson for forgetting the time he's supposed to have with him. When he realized that Dawn Schafer was baby-sitting and realized that Buddy was missing, Hamilton brought him right back home. Hamilton apologizes for what he had done by the end of the book.


  • Buddy is named after him.
  • Natalie calls him "Ham" as a nickname

Media Portrayals[]

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)[]

Hamilton is portrayed in the web series by Matt Hamilton. In this version he is rather supportive and takes Buddy to swim lessons. In the book he outright kidnapped Buddy to teach his ex a lesson, putting him more in the wrong.