Hannah "Hannie" Papadakis is a 7-year-old girl who lives on McLelland Road across the street from the Brewer family. Her family is originally from Greece. Hannie has an older brother named Linny and a two year old sister named Sari. Hannie is in Ms. Colman's second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy. Hannie has dark hair, deep brown eyes, olive skin, and a terrific smile.

Her two best friends are Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer. The girls call themselves "The Three Musketeers." Hannie usually plays "Mrs. Noswimple" in Karen's game, "Let's All Come In."

Hannie and Karen see each other on Karen's "Big House" weekends where they sometimes get into trouble (often due to one of Karen's ideas). She also has a poodle named Noodle, a cat named Pat, and a turtle named Myrtle. Hannie is a very helpful big sister to her younger sister Sari. She dislikes Amanda Delaney. Hannie sits in the back row of her class next to Nancy. She also seems to get upset at Karen easily, but also does not hold grudges.

Hannie was "pretend-married" to Scott Hsu. She played harmonica in the kids band created by the BSC, "All the Children of the World." She and Linny attended Dawn's "Save the Planet" class; she and Melody Korman work at the plant booth at the Green Fair.

Hannie attended the Spring Dance at the Stoneybrook Community Center where she danced the sock hop with Jackie Rodowsky. She had a foster sister named Lou McNally. In her wedding, Karen was her bridesmaid.


  • Harmonica
  • Dances the Sock Hop


  • Karen Brewer
  • Nancy Dawes
  • Ms. Coleman
  • Scott Hsu


  • Amanda Delaney
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