Hannie Papadakis
Full name

Hannah Papadakis




Stoneybrook, CT


6 (in Kristy and the Snobs
7 (Claudia and the Great Search-onward)


Mr. Papadakis (dad)
Mrs. Papadakis (mom)
Linny Papadakis (older brother)
Sari Papadakis (younger sister)
Lou McNally (foster sister)
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed uncle
Sofia Papadakis (great-aunt)
Uncle George (uncle; deceased)


Scott Hsu (pretend husband)


Stoneybrook Academy



First Appearance

Karen's Witch

Final Appearance

Karen's Gift

Hannah "Hannie" Papadakis is a 7-year-old girl in Ms. Colman's second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy who is one of Karen Brewer's best friends. She lives on McLelland Road across the street from the "big house" where the Brewer/Thomas Family live. She is a member of the Papadakis Family.

Appearance Edit

Hannie has dark hair, deep brown eyes, olive skin, and a terrific smile.

Biography Edit

She and Linny attended Dawn's "Save the Planet" class; she and Melody Korman work at the plant booth at the Green Fair.

In her wedding, Karen was her bridesmaid when she had a fake wedding to Scott Hsu. Hannie had a crush on him in Karen's Birthday and tried to make him like him. She had lost a tooth just before her wedding making her feel ugly. In Karen's Mistake she has a crush on a singer named Nate Bellows and listens to his music all the time and then another singer by the end.

In Karen's Reindeer she got to play Rudolph in the class Christmas musical. She was afraid of heights when she was put into the harness to fly on the stage. Eventually she gave up the role to Karen when she felt sick about flying around on stage.

Hannie is a very helpful big sister to her younger sister Sari although sometimes she does not really like her. She loves her parents very much and gets along okay with Linny. Linny has taught her a few things according to her in Karen's Unicorn. In Karen's Swim Meet she spends time with her family when they rented a cabin in the mountains together.

Her great-aunt Sofia Papadakis was the first female brain-surgeon in America, according to Hannie in Karen's Field Day.

In Karen's Pony Camp she made friends with the other girls very easily. Hannie is also very good at riding horses. She had become an intermediate rider and able to perform tricks on her pony.

In Karen's Lemonade Stand Hannie started to sell friendship bracelets next to Karen's lemonade stand before and after Krushers games. She eventually temporarily quit the team so she could make some extra money. Hannie finally joined in on the game against the Bashers after she missed playing.

In Karen's Angel every kid in the neighborhood puts on a Christmas pageant and they host it in her house. In the book they put on the nativity scene. She gets the part of the angel but wanted to be Mary. When Karen is assigned Mary they switch parts near the end of the book.

She considers herself a patient person.

In the graphic novels Edit

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Friends Edit

  • Her two best friends are Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer. The girls call themselves "The Three Musketeers." It took awhile for her to become friends with Nancy however. Hannie sits in the back row of her class next to Nancy. She also seems to get upset at Karen easily, but also does not hold grudges.
  • She is friendly with the other kids in her class.
  • Hannie makes friends very easily.

Pets Edit

  • The family has poodle named Noodle
  • A cat named Pat
  • A turtle named Myrtle

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Trivia Edit

  • Her family is originally from Greece.
  • Hannie usually plays "Mrs. Noswimple" in Karen's game, "Let's All Come In."
  • Hannie and Karen see each other on Karen's "Big House" weekends and months where they sometimes get into trouble (often due to one of Karen's ideas)
  • In Karen's Figure Eight, she has piano lessons on Friday.
  • She thinks Tammy and Terri are cool for being twins. Ricky can be a pest and thinks Natalie can be messy and has called Bobby a bully.
  • Math is her best subject at school.
  • Her pen pal in New York is named Jen.
  • She played violin in the class band.
  • In Karen's Unicorn she said she didn't learn how to ride a two wheel bike until she was just about seven.
  • She was in Ms. Herman's preschool class with Karen.
  • In Karen's Tattletale she was a cafeteria worker for switch day.
  • In Karen's Twin she mentioned that she wanted to have a job and kids when she is older.
  • She attended Mr. Peabody's School of Dance and Charm with Karen in Karen's Tea Party.
  • She likes to hang out by the stream in Mary Anne and the Playground Fight.

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