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The Harrington Family is an English family that visits New York City and only appear in New York, New York!.


The family stays in the Dakota Apartment in the Baickers’ apartment, which is above the Cummings. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington work for the English government and work while they are visiting the city. They are described as wealthy. They hired a housekeeper but didn’t expect the housekeeper to also be a nanny. Mr. Harrington asked Mr. and Mrs. Cummings if they had nanny recommendations. Mary Anne and Stacey sit for both kids. On a trip to the South Street Seaport, Laine, Jessi, Dawn, and Kristy went with them.

Alistaire and Rowena enjoyed touring the city with Stacey and Mary Anne while often remarking on what they’ve seen in books.

They have a bodyguard named Bill that follows them everywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington didn’t tell Stacey and Mary Anne, leaving them worried throughout the book. He replaced the balloons when they popped and or were stolen.


  • Mr. Harrington
  • Mrs. Harrington
  • Alistaire Harrington (7)
  • Rowena Harrington (4)


  • The kids are described to have dark brown hair and green eyes. They are also imaginative, where Rowena names her balloon dog Travis.
  • Alistaire likes dinosaurs and likes looking at the bones at the Museum of Natural History.