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The Hatt Family is a family that used to live in Stoneybrook, CT. They previously lived in Arizona before moving back. The family only appears in Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost in the Mystery series.


The family is friends with John and Rioko Kishi. Alex Hatt's business ventures have all soured. Rioko says that they left Stoneybrook on their own free will. John says that they were driven out of town. John and Rioko know that Alex didn't do anything wrong. The reasons they left were murky to other residents. The family left when Claudia was four years old. They moved to Arizona before returning to Stoneybrook because his business hasn't done well and his wife got laid off.

Steve tried to throw a Christmas party in the Stoneybrook Lighthouse. Alex was okay with it until someone threatened to stop the party. Alex then encouraged and invited the entire town despite him wanting something small.

Mr. Hatt owns the lighthouse and a chunk of the waterfront property. He wanted to fix up the land and either sell or rent the property. Alex Hatt was blamed for the death of Adrian Langley when he locked the lighthouse without looking inside. Adrian jumped from the top of the lighthouse because of his severe claustrophobia and was hospitalized before eventually dying. Alex tried to save him when he saw him floating in the water, but to no success.

The family permanently stays in Stoneybrook by the end of the book.

Family Members[]

  • Alex Hatt
  • Flora Hatt
  • Caryn (10)
  • Laura (12)
  • Steve (16)


  • John Kishi does his investments.
  • When Claudia Kishi last saw them, Stevie had two missing front teeth and called himself Thtevie. Now he goes by Steve and has long brown hair and grey-blue eyes.
  • Mr. Hatt had told Claudia that his first name was Cat-in-the and she believed him when she was younger.
  • Stevie is really popular at Stoneybrook High School and he sort of likes Janine Kishi. Back at his old high school a bunch of his friends were caught stealing band equipment and he refused to squeal, so he was expelled with the rest of them. Janine describes him as sweet.
  • Caryn and Laura refused to be separated thus they shared Janine's room. Caryn is described to have curly blond hair.
  • Mr. Hatt is described as fat and bald.