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"Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 1" is the ninth episode of the Netflix adaption. It is very loosely based on the book, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation, the second of the Super Special books. This episode is followed by "Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2". It aired on July 3, 2020, alongside the rest of the season.

Episode Description[]

The BSC braves the great outdoors at a summer sleepaway camp, where they explore archery, theater, activism ... and a dash of chilling mystery.


The episode starts with the club exiting the school bus that brought them to Camp Moosehead, Mrs. Means, known as Meanie, assigns them to their groups and it's revealed that they're all staying in different cabins. A few club members make plans for their time at the camp, Mary Anne uses the auditorium for a musical with Laine Cummings, while Dawn and Claudia make a plan to solve the the economic injustice with club activities, but Kristy has trouble learning to relax, and tries to become a camp counselor. Whilst people are auditioning for the musical, Stacey tells Mary Anne that Laine was the one who spread the video that drove her out of New York. The first rehearsal includes one of the props nearly falling on one of the stars, and Karen Brewer is convinced it's the Curse of the Hermit, who was "driven to madness by the sound of musical theater." Then, Friday rolls around and Dawn and Claudia's plan to solve the economic injustice commences, which includes their own arts and crafts class, but it's shut down by the actual arts and crafts teacher, and Claudia gets remanded to her cabin. During the next rehearsal, Stacey and Laine have a fight, and end up pushing each other into a plant that later on, is revealed to be poison ivy, and while the club is sleeping in their cabins, Kristy sees Stacey covered in rashes. Then, it cuts to black with text that reads "To Be Continued..."


Similar to Source Material[]

  • Mrs. Means is still called “Old Meanie” like in the book.

Difference from Source Material[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • When Mary Anne tells Laine about the curse and how the hermit went mad and put a curse on the camp theater cause the sound of musical theater made him crazy and Laine replies “What score? Because of it was Cats, I can’t say I blame him.” This is reference to the 2019 film adaption of the Broadway musical that bombed in the box office and was heavily criticized for its bad CGI effects, plot and and tone.
  • The salute Dawn and the other campers give to Claudia as she is being taken back her cabin after being reprimanded is a reference to The Hunger Games.

Songs Used[]

  • "Drop the Mic" by Jules Larson & Peter Verdell
  • "I'm Shining" by I AM ORFA
  • "Glazin" by Jacuzzi Boys


  • This episode, and the one that proceeds it, is an original story line written for the show, similar to what was done in the original 90s TV series. The plot is not fully based off of any of the actual novels within the series but takes some elements from the Super Special novel, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation.
  • Laine Cummings was not at camp in the novel this episode is loosely based on.