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"Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2" is the tenth episode of the Netflix adaption. It is very loosely based on the book, Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation, the second of the Super Special books.

Episode Description[]

As Stacey deals with a new normal, Kristy leads a crucial search, Dawn and Claudia start a revolution, and Mary Anne finds her place in the spotlight.


Kristy and Stacey are in the infirmary where they find out Stacey has gotten poison ivy after her fall in the woods trying to walk out on the rehearsal to get away from Laine in the previous episode. Mary Anne comes in and sees Stacey like this and gets very distraught that her leading lady has been “disfigured.” Shortly afterward, the camp nurse brings Laine in who also has poison ivy due to Stacey pulling her into it and Mary Anne is even more upset. Dawn comes in with Claudia on call on her iPad and the girls ask Kristy what they should do.

Kristy decides to call an emergency meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club but the nurse comes back in and asks them to leave cause her patients need quiet and visiting hours are over. The girls reluctantly leave after Stacey insists they go.

Mary Anne informs the other cast members and stagehands about their dilemma and with a little encouragement from Kristy and Logan decides to star in the show as the lead and take over for Stacey. When she rushes to rehearse she notices that Karen is missing and Kristy, Mallory, and Jessi decide to go find her while Mary Anne rehearses.

Dawn begins a staging protest of the unfair treatment of the campers who can't afford to do the nicer activities and demands this be changed or that Claudia to be taken off reprimand and allowed to continue her free art class. When Meanie walks up Dawn thinks she is there to negotiate but Meanie informs her she is off to the dentist and tells the protesters they are reprimanded to their cabins until she returns. Dawn then decides after a fellow protester asks if they are going to miss afternoon actives to use the announcement speakers to stage a major protest by all the campers.

Meanwhile, back in the infirmary, Laine and Stacey are watching Days and the two make up with Laine apologizing to Stacey for not standing up for her but also explaining to Stacey that she was partially to blame for shutting her out when she started getting more and more secretive before the video was leaked due to the popular girls shutting her out when she was missing school and disappearing. Stacey admits to her wrong and that she should have told Laine the truth cause they were best friends, just like Stacey is with the girls of the BSC. The two admit they missed each other and continue to watch the show holding hands, their feud over, and their friendship restored.

Dawn and all the campers who join her in the protest set up a protest picket made out of camp furniture and a canoe in front of the theater where Mary Anne is inside getting ready to start her show and the protest outside are disrupting it. She comes out and confronts Dawn and the two agree to make the world a better place by being their best selves doing what they love and that they are still best friends.

Kristy, Mallory, and Jessi go to Karen's cabin where they find Karen has left a decoy in her bed. Kristy then inquires into any obsessions Karen has been using as a hint naming Karen's fascination with the supernatural and they then go out into the woods and search for the Old Camp after Jessi and Mallory tell Kristy of Karen constantly mentioning the curse by the old hermit on the musical theater. When they reach one of the cabins no one is there but Jessi notices a milk carton from the camp and the wrappers of the granola bars that were given out at breakfast, indicating that Karen had in fact been there.

Kristy then checks the map they had been using to find the Old Camp and notices a nearby out of service bus stop, they head to it and find Karen there waiting for a bus. Karen admits she is running away not because of the curse (and admits there is no curse) but because she felt alone due to not knowing anyone in her cabin and that the other children thought she was weird. She also admits to being hurt by David Michael calling her his "stepsister."

Mallory and Jessi both give Karen reassurance and tell her they are her friends, which makes Karen feel better. Kristy then tells Karen that if she wants to go back home then they will call her mom and Watson to come and get her but admits that she doesn't want to be at camp without her "real sister." Karen then hugs Kristy and Mallory then mentions that her own sister, Vanessa, had stolen her part, which does not bold over well for Karen and the four hurriedly rush back so Karen can be in the play.

Once they are all back at the music theater (along with Stacey and Laine who decide to go watch the play to support Mary Anne), things heat up outside with the protesters when Meanie's jeep is spotted by Dawn through her binoculars and they get really loud which drowns out the performance of the show going on inside. Mary Anne, Kristy, and all those in the theater decide to go out and see what is going on. When Meanie gets out of her car she uses an air horn to stop all the commotion and then threatens all the campers that they will be reprimanded to their cabins for the remainder of camp if they didn't leave. The crowd disperses and Meanie tells Claudia and Dawn to come with her to her office.

When they ask Meanie if she is going to call their parent she states she isn't going to do that but instead send them both home. Kristy and the other girls hear this and decide to stand with Claudia and Dawn and be sent home as well. Before they head off Logan tells Mary Anne he thinks she's brave and tells her she is going to miss their kiss to which Mary Anne replies "No, I'm not." and she kisses him. As her Kristy, Stacey, and Laine walk off, they all, with the exception of Kristy, get excited about what just happened between Mary Anne and Logan.

Back at Meanie's office, Dawn and Claudia state their case to no avail, and just as Meanie is about to call their parents to tell them she is sending Claudia and Dawn home, Kristy and the other girls walk in with Kristy demanding Meanie to put the phone down. Although she is not thrilled with Kristy being there, Meanie hangs up the phone to hear Kristy out. Kristy then proceeds to tell Meanie about how she needed extra help from people like her and the girls due to how no one on Meanie's staff noticing that Karen had gone missing, that she had to go out looking for her own sister and needed people who understand the children and their needs. Unable to come up with a suitable counter to this and upset that Karen had been lost (but relieved she had been found), Meanie agrees to the girls' demands and appoints them as counselors-in-training.

The girls then head off to find Mallory and Jessi. When they meet them both at their cabin, Kristy and the other girls make them unofficial junior CITs and offer them a place as Junior Members of the BSC in gratitude for helping Kristy find Karen. Mallory and Jessi are thrilled to be junior CITs and agree to join the club. The girls then take off together so they can take their picture together under the Camp Moosehead archway as the narration talks about how the camp didn't go as expected but turned out a lot better and ends with a picture of the girls under the archway with the words "The BSC" written on it.


Similar to Source Material[]

  • Stacey still gets poison ivy.
  • Mrs. Means is still called “Old Meanie” like in the book.

Difference from Source Material[]

  • Mallory and Jessi were already members of the club in the original novel. However, their indictment into the club is completely different from the book series. During Hello, Mallory, Mallory is subjected to a series of tests and trial baby-sitting jobs with Claudia, both of which she ends up failing. When it is suggested she do more tests, she refuses and quits the club. Jessi is introduced for the first time in the same novel and she and Mallory form their own baby-sitting club. When the members of the BSC are overwhelmed with all the baby-sitting jobs they are getting, they ask Mallory to join as a Junior Member and she agrees on condition Jessi joins as well. This episode has all five girls ask Mallory and Jessi to join out of gratitude for them helping Kristy find Karen, which at the same time had impressed Kristy.
  • Like with the previous episode, Stacey had moved back to New York and was not still living in Stoneybrook at the time.
  • In the novel, the girls are selected to be councilors-in-training. They aren't just given it after having to demand to help make the camp better.
  • Jessi and Mallory are made official junior CITs due to their coordination of the end of the camp show. They were not unofficial junior CITs.
  • Dawn is the one who gets lost in the woods, not Karen.
  • None of the other issues dealt with in the novel are used in this episode or the previous one, such as Claudia falling in love with a male CIT, Kristy learning how to use mascara, and Mary Anne sneaking into the boys' part of the camp and getting caught, etc.
  • Stacey and Laine had actually made up in the third book of the series, The Truth About Stacey.
  • Laine Cummings was not at camp in the novel this episode is loosely based on.
  • Charlotte Johanssen was a camper in the original book, but she's not in this episode.

Pop Culture References[]

  • While Paris Magic is not a real Broadway show, it does reference an actual Broadway show, Les Misérables. The duet between Mary Anne and Logan is similar to "A Heart Full of Love" and Vanessa's song is similar to "Master of the House." Additionally, Dawn and the other campers building a barricade by the theater is also a reference to Les Mis.

Songs Used[]

  • "You Can Have It" by Red Red Lips
  • "Too Much Money" by Automatic
  • "Friends" by Meghan Trainor


  • This episode and the previous one are currently the only episodes not truly based on any of the books. It has the same premise as Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation but none of the plots are the same aside from Stacey getting poison ivy. It's an original storyline just like the 90s TV series was.
  • Laine is seen going with the girls to Meanie's office but is not there with them when they confront her. It is never explained where she went nor is she seen again afterward.
  • The picture the girls take at the end of the episode is a recreation of the one featured on the cover of the Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation.
  • Paris Magic is a real play in the books, Stacey saw it in The Truth About Stacey and mentioned in Dawn on the Coast.