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Henrietta Hayes is one of Mallory Pike's favorite authors who also happens to live in Stoneybrook. She only appears in Mallory Pike, No. 1 Fan and Mary Anne in the Middle.


She is a short petite women and wears brown-framed glasses with thick lenses, which makes it hard to see her eyes. She has pale skin that make her look young except for fine wrinkles lining it. She has thick gray and brown hair that is cut to her chin and a bit on the messy side.


Henrietta is an authors and playwright. In her form letter its written that she was born in Binghamton, NY and she graduated from Ithaca College. Her letters are also post marked from Stamford. She immediately sends form letters out and then reads the letters from readers later. She writes for four house every day, then spends two more hours working on outlines for new projects.

Back in her college days she’d enrolled in the theater department, wanting to be an actress (just like her character Alice Anderson), but when she discovered she could never find roles she wanted to play, she began writing her own. Soon she found she liked writing better than acting.

In Mallory Pike, No. 1 Fan, Henrietta hires Mallory Pike as a temporary assistant. She also has a cleaning lady. Mallory learns that she was a foster child from the age of three when her parents and young brother died tragically in a fire. Her marriage to author G.N. Roger ended in a bitter divorce. Her daughter, Cassie, died at the age of eighteen. She was a victim of a hit and run driver.

In Mary Anne in the Middle, Henrietta is part of the We Love Mallory Day. Mallory and her friends stop by her house and she gives Mallory a present before she leaves for Riverbend Hall Boarding School.

Written Material[]

This is just a list of some of the books and plays she wrote mentioned in the books:

  • Alice Anderson series
  • The Happiest Day
  • Frog Pond Vacation


Her house is down a narrow dirt path through a cluster of trees. It's cozy-looking, one story, and mostly brown wood except for a stone chimney up the side. A screened in porch on the right leads to a wooden deck with several bird feeders on it. A stone path leads directly up to the house.

The inside is simply furnished.


  • She lives at 312 Morgan Road
  • Her editor is George Del-more.
  • She is friends with Amelia Moody and visits her at home as mentioned in Mallory Pike, No. 1 Fan.
  • Henrietta has a cleaning lady stop by.
  • The library has a five page article clipped from People magazine. TThe article was entitled: “Henrietta Hayes: The Happiest Writer,” which was a takeoff on her play, “The Happiest Day.” In the article an Alice Anderson TV movie was being planned.