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Heritage Day is an event held in Stoneybrook, CT on the grounds of Stoneybrook Elementary School. It is only shown in Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic.


The event was made a big deal at Stoneybrook Elementary School, where students were supposed to do historical research according to Mallory Pike. The research was to be over students' family trees, how their families came to Stoneybrook, and also about the history of Stoneybrook, among other subjects. Students came up with projects, skits, and other forms of presentation.

There was a big fair to show off what they learned. The money that was raised from the fair was going to the Stoneybrook Historical Society for renovating Ambrose's Sawmill.


  • The heritage event causes Mary Anne to learn more about her family and learns about her grandmother that she did not know about. Her grandmother is mentioned throughout the remaining books.


  • The fifth graders make a mock newspaper showing what was going on during the time and passed it out
  • Margo's class put together a skit
  • Claire's class sang a few songs.
  • Vanessa's class was going to recite a poem, she wrote it herself and it was more then eight verses long.
  • Myriah's class was going to make a mural and have it displayed. Some of the fifth graders had helped them.
  • Shea's class was writing about the families that founded the town.