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The Hewitt Family is from Stoneybrook, CT. They are only mentioned in Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!.


The son, George, calls Claudia's radio show asking for advice on what to do about his parents fighting. He claims that his parents hate each other. They always fight and his dad hasn't been home for a few days. His mother says that they're going to get a divorce. When George called he said that his mother got in a fight with his little sister, Rachel. Rachel stated saying how she wished their mother would go away and dad would come back. His mom started crying and his sister ran into her room after saying mom should die. Claudia gives him the phone number to Dr. Reese to talk about his feelings with.

Rhonda called in the show later and donated money to the station, for helping George out when he was having a hard time. It was enough money to keep the station afloat for six months.


  • Mrs. Rhonda Hewitt
  • Mr. Hewitt
  • George (11)
  • Rachel


  • George and Rhonda are only ever shown in the book via phone conversations, rather then in person.