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The Hill Family is the family of BSC charges Sara Hill and Norman Hill. They live in Stoneybrook, CT. The family makes their first appearance in Dawn's Big Date.


Dr. Johanssen is their pediatrician. She recommends the BSC to the Hills in Dawn's Big Date and Mr. Hill calls them. Dawn Schafer is the first to sit for the kids. The kids' Nanna used to baby-sit them, but died recently.

Both parents joined the Fitness Faze Health Club. They try to get Norman to lose weight and want him to go to fat camp. They buy an exercise tape for him and tack meal plans to a bulletin board in the kitchen. After Norman tells them how he feels they stop bugging him.

Family Members[]


They live in a modern house with a small hallway in the entrance to the house, a left stairway that heads up and a right stairway that leads down. From the hallway, you can see the kitchen at top of the stairs.

They lives about 10 minutes away from the Braddock Family in Farewell, Dawn.


  • Mr. Hill works at home as a computer systems consultant. He's a computer systems analyst in Farewell, Dawn. He's tall and almost bald in Dawn's Big Date.
  • Mrs. Hill works at home as artists' representative.
  • The kids participated in the Mexican Festival in Stacey's Broken Heart.