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The Hobart Family is a client of the Baby-Sitters Club. They live in Stoneybrook, CT.


Claudia Kishi is the first BSC member to sit for James, Mathew, and Johnny.

They are from Australia and moved into Mary Anne's old house across the street from Claudia's in Kristy and the Secret of Susan. They all look similar with reddish-blond hair, round faces, and a "smattering of freckles across their noses." The kids get teased because of their accents. They say brecky for breakfast, jumpers for sweaters, and slang words that no one understands like rev heads. Ben and his brother stand up to the mean kids and they end up fitting in.

The family owns a Nintendo Game Boy in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).

Family Members[]


The house was previously owned by Richard Spier. Mary Anne mentions that the basement was never finished in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye. There's a set of doors at the head of the staircase as mentioned in Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger.

They have a piano in the house and Jordan Pike plays for Mrs. and Mr. Hobart in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).

There's a swing set in the backyard that Mr. Hobart had made for the boys in Kristy and the Secret of Susan. A tire swing is mentioned in Dawn and the Older Boy.


  • Mrs. Hobart looks a lot like her sons with the same reddish-blond hair and freckles. She volunteers at a soup kitchen. She bakes all the time and doesn't use a mix that's mentioned in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).
  • The family loves sports.
  • In Stacey and the Fashion Victim, Mrs. Hobart smokes. She participated in the Stoneybrook Smokeout, organized by the BSC. She was eating carrots and took a pamphlet that some of the BSC charges were giving out.
  • The Hobarts are named after an Australian City called Hobart.
  • Mrs. Hobart only buys whole milk.
  • Claudia once made Mr. Hobart help her with math homework, when he was calling for the BSC while the club was disbanded in Kristy's Worst Idea.
  • Mrs. Hobart calls Mel's parents when Mel calls her sons "crocs" one too many times. This results the plot of Beware, Dawn! to kick off.
  • The family rents a violin for Mathew to play in Keep Out, Claudia!.
  • Mrs. Hobart volunteers at the soup kitchen in Farewell, Dawn.