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Holiday Time is the tenth book in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. The main character is Sara Ford.

Back Cover Summary[]

It's holiday time in Ms. Colman's class. Everyone is learning about Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Hanukkah. They have projects, too. Sara is making a special Kwanzaa treat for her class.

But the cookies Sara bakes are all burned up. And the okra is super slimy. It will not be a happy holiday if Sara brings these treats to Ms. Colman's class!


Main Plot[]

Ms. Colman announces that the new class project involves researching a holiday in one of three groups: Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. In three weeks each group will present over several days about their holiday's traditions, customs, songs, and food. Sara Ford is happy to be in the Kwanzaa group because her family celebrates it. Sara's job in her group is to make a Kwanzaa food, but she isn't sure what to make.

She initially decides to make sesame cookies. However, when she makes a practice batch, she adds baking soda instead of baking powder and the cookies turn out as one giant cookie instead of multiple cookies. Sara decides to try a different recipe. When she makes stewed okra casserole, it is too slimy and she knows her classmates won't eat it. She doesn't want to waste food so she feeds the casserole to her dog, Frederick. Next she tries Liberian rice bread, which turns out like a brick, and she again feeds it to Frederick.

Soon, Frederick starts to get sick and Mrs. Ford is worried about him because he hasn't been eating much lately. After Frederick vomits black-eyed-peas which are also what Sara was just cooking, Sara confesses to her mom that she has been feeding him. Sara's mom tells her she shouldn't feed Frederick people food without checking with her parents first, and it is now her job to walk Frederick around the block since Frederick is now overweight.

Sara and Audrey Green, who needs a Hanukkah recipe, pore over several recipe books for something to make, feeling that nothing is quite right. Audrey settles on potato latkes which can be baked, and Sara decides on sweet-potato casserole. This time, both recipes turned out well. Audrey and Sara bring their recipes to the class holiday party on the last day before winter break, and Sara feels she is going to have a wonderful holiday.


  • Karen Brewer holds a sleepover at her house.
  • Pamela moves to Stoneybrook; but at the sleepover, she's no fun. Sara tries to make friends with her.

Characters In This book[]


Holiday Project Groups

  • Christmas - Karen, Leslie, Natalie, Omar, Hank, Pamela
  • Hanukkah - Audrey, Hannie, Bobby, Ricky, Terri
  • Kwanzaa - Sara, Tammy, Chris, Ian, Nancy, Jannie


  • Mr. and Mrs. Ford
  • Marcus Ford



Places In This Book[]

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • The sleepover subplot of this book overlaps with Karen's Sleepover and introduces Sara's perception of Pamela Harding. However, the school projects of this book don't match the school projects in Karen's Sleepover.
  • Sara refers to Karen, Nancy, and Hannie as the Three Musketeers before the sleepover. But the girls decided to start calling themselves that after Karen's sleepover.
  • Audrey mentions that she has an older brother, Abram, who is away at college. However, in Summer School and Karen's Twin, her brother at college was called Allen.
  • Karen mentions her family's tradition of a Christmas elf, this tradition is never brought up within the Baby-sitters Little Sister series.


  • Sara's family celebrates both Christmas and Kwanzaa.
  • Pop culture and real life references: The Wizard of Oz.
  • Mrs. Harris came to Ms. Colman's class on Sara's first day.
  • Audrey doesn't like Pamela right away like the other girls do.
  • Ricky's family put up their Christmas tree December first.
  • The girls in Ms. Colman's class is divided on who likes Pamela and who doesn't:
    • Karen, Hannie, and Nancy don't like her. Audrey appears to be a part of this group. Sara appears to be a part of this group by the end.
    • Jannie, Leslie, and Terri do like her.
    • Tammy and Natalie are not for Pamela or against her.
  • Recipes Sara Attempts include:
    • Sugar cookies with sesame seeds
    • Stewed okra
    • Liberian rice bread
    • Pickled herring
    • Black-eyed-pea soup
    • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Pamela wears a Leo zodiac charm on a black silk cord for her presentation, indicating that it might be her zodiac sign. However, Karen's in Love contradicts this as it reveals Pamela's birthday is in early February. This would make her an Aquarius, not a Leo.
  • Audrey might be Jewish since her mother makes Matzo Balls to put in chicken soup.
  • Mr. Ford has traditional African drums that he lends to Sara to use for her presentation.