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Hollie Tommasino, formerly Hollie Rubin, was a graphic designer for Scholastic from 1986-1996 who is credited with many design elements of The Baby-Sitters Club books. She is primarily known as the designer of the seven different styles of handwriting for the seven different Baby-sitters Club characters. She is also the wife of David Tommasino, another Scholastic employee and the first art director for the series.


She grew up in the 1970s in Queens, New York. She earned a BFA from the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan and started working at Scholastic while still at college in 1986. She was one of several graphic designers in the Young Adult Department, and it was their job to come up with different designs for each project (usually a book cover) based on a summary of an upcoming book. They would choose the illustrators and models, go on photo shoots, and complete the project.

For the Baby-sitters Club, she created the handwriting styles for each character, then handwrote all the needed portions of the manuscripts - usually journal entries, but sometimes postcards, letters, and lists.

After leaving Scholastic, she continued to work as a freelancer until 1996, at which point each character's handwriting was turned into a font so that Scholastic could automatically generate the notebook entries.

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  • She is also credited with creating the original Goosebumps slime logo. [1]

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