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Howard Kingbridge is the assistant principal at Stoneybrook Middle School.


Mary Anne Spier's shoe comes off at the Remember September Dance and narrowly misses him in Logan Likes Mary Anne!.

He okays Dawn Schafer's idea for the school recycling center as long as students vote for it. He is interviewed by reporters for the Stoneybrook News on opening day of the recycling center in Dawn Saves the Planet.

In Kristy and the Missing Child Howard wins the SMS worst dresser award as an "honorary" eighth grader.

Before he went to be an educator he was a waiter, in Jessi's Horrible Prank.

Dawn calls him half blind in Claudia and the Middle School Mystery.

He introduced the authors at Author's Day in Mary Anne Misses Logan. It's noted by Mary Anne Spier that his speeches become wordy.

Howard is a chaperone to in Aloha, Baby-sitters! when the students go to Hawaii. He pays for the students first breakfast at the airport.

In Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation, Mallory says that he's single.