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The Hsu Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. The are clients of the Baby-sitters Club. They make appearances in both the The Baby-Sitters Club and Baby-Sitters Little Sister series.


They live down the block from the Stevenson and Brewer/Thomas Family. The family is ethnic Chinese, and the grandparents are from China (presumably the Republic of China). They visited in Karen's Newspaper. The family moved to Stoneybrook just before the events of Claudia and the Great Search and Karen's Birthday.

They were the first to get ransacked and robbed in Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller; it happened while they were visit Mr. Hsu's mother in the hospital. Mr. Nixon was arrested for the robbery because he was mad that they switched gardening services.

Family Members[]


The family has an old golden retriever named Duke in Karen's Gift, however, in Karen's New Holiday their dog is named Clyde. They got their dog sometime after the events of Jessi and the Dance School Phantom, when they didn't have a pet to enter into the BSC pet show. They get their puppy in Karen's Newspaper and his name was Ghost.


  • The kids are friends with the Korman Family and are allowed to swim when a sitter is in charge.
  • Mrs. Hsu is a friend of Cokie's mom in Kristy's Worst Idea.
  • All of the kids participate in the BSC's world records book in Kristy + Bart = ?
  • Mrs. Hsu is the head chef at Renwick's as mentioned in Mary Anne to the Rescue.
  • If the stories are set in the 1980s / 1990s, then the parents must be born in the 1950s, perhaps in America because they seemed to have adopted American naming customs of the woman adopting her husband's surname and choosing only Western names for the kids, which would imply that the grandparents left China when the Kuomintang lost to the Communist Party of China.
  • The Hsu surname may refer to the Wade-Giles romantization of 許 family name or 徐 family name, commonly used in the Republic of China (Taiwan).