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Ian Johnson is a student at Stoneybrook Academy in Ms. Colman's second grade class with Karen Brewer.



His favorite hobby is reading, which he spends much of Snow War doing, and earns him the nickname 'Brain'. He is quieter than the other students in his class and doesn't like to get involved in drama or fights.

In Karen's Figure Eight, he had signed up for ice skating lessons on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons at the Stoneybrook Ice Arena. He finds skating fun but was embarrassed to tell the everyone in the class about his lessons. Ian didn't want anyone in their class to make fun of him. When Karen told everyone in the class about the show, he wouldn't talk to her since she broke their promise. Once everyone in the class found out and told him how cool it was, Ian started talking to Karen again.

He grew to be a talented skater and performed with Karen in an ice skating recital.




  • Ice Skating
  • Reading - his favorite book is They Came from Beyond.
  • Ms. Colman
  • The color blue


  • While he doesn't hate it, he doesn't like school that much.
  • Being teased
  • Promises being broken

Trivia []

  • He has a cousin named Jessica that was mentioned in Karen's Figure Eight.
  • He has fourteen year old brother named Chip. His mother was seven months pregnant in Snow War. If the baby is a girl they would name her Julia or if it was a boy they would name him Duncan.
  • He lost a tooth in the book Snow War.
  • In Karen's Field Day Karen said that Ian was not a fast runner.
  • His grandmother is mentioned in Karen's Figure Eight.
  • His dog, Rusty, got ran over by a car which was mentioned in Karen's Grandad.
  • In Karen's Show and Share, he mentions his mother went to Washington state and brought him back chunk of cooled lava from the slope of Mount St. Helens



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