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Jack Schafer is Sharon Schafer-Spier's ex husband. He is currently married to Carol Olson. He is also Dawn and Jeff's father.


Jack and his wife Sharon divorced, and Sharon moved her kids with her back to her hometown, Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Jack stayed in Palo City, California.Sharo and Jack told Dawn and Jeff that they just weren't right for each other.

Jeff had trouble adjusting in Stoneybrook, so, in Book #15 Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn, he moved back to California to live with his father. Jack hires a housekeeper named Mrs. Bruen to help them out when he moves back.

He marries Carol in Here Come the Bridesmaids! on the beach on December 17; she is now Dawn and Jeff's stepmother. They went on a honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.

Prior to marrying Carol, they had broken their engagement in Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club until they got back together in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever. During their break up he casually dated several women, including Clarice Dubina, Karina Whitaker, Kayla, and Barbara Hinkley in Book #77 Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.

Jack visits his kids and calls them as much as he can. Jeff and Dawn visit him for the first time after the divorce toward teh end of the summer in Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. Dawn goes back to California to visit her father and brother in Book #23 Dawn on the Coast.


  • Dawn calls him one of the nicest guys in the world, too nice sometimes. Dawn calls him an eternal optimist in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.
  • Is a great cook.
  • Always used chopsticks with Thai food.
  • He is super organized like Dawn.
  • Jack, like the rest of his family, enjoys healthy foods.
  • Jack is a football fan
  • His nickname for Dawn is 'Sunshine'.
  • Jack makes his first trip to Stoneybrook in Super Special 14: BSC in the USA.
  • He's not a vegetarian like his daughter, he ate hot dogs in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever at the baseball game.
  • He plays tennis with Paul Rapkin's father in California Girls!.

Media Portrayals[]

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)[]

In this version he is played by Andy Canete and renamed "Marc." In this version he is gay and the divorce is mostly friendly (partly because he told Sharon he realized he was gay and she accepted).