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Jack Schafer is a member of the Schafer-Olson Family. He is Sharon Schafer-Spier's ex-husband. He is currently married to Carol Olson. He is also the father of Dawn Schafer, Jeff Schafer and Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson.

Appearance and Personality[]

Dawn calls him one of the nicest guys in the world, too nice sometimes. Dawn calls him an eternal optimist in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.


Jack graduated from Vista Private School which is mentioned in Maggie (California Diaries).

At some point during or after college, he met and married Sharon Porter and they had Dawn and Jeff.

After fourteen years of marriage, Jack and Sharon divorced and Sharon moved their kids with her back to her hometown, Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Jack stayed in Palo City, California. In The Baby-sitters Remember, Dawn recalls her dad being out all night with his friends (which Sharon did not like). She also remembers her mom sleeping on the couch when they were fighting. They would fight and Sharon would catch him in his lies. They couldn't agree on anything anymore. Jack left for three days after a fight one December night. When he came back, he and Sharon talked, then sat down with Jeff and Dawn to tell them that they had decided to get a divorce and that Sharon was to have primary custody of them.

Jeff had trouble adjusting in Stoneybrook, and in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn, he moved back to California to live with his father. Jack hires a housekeeper named Mrs. Bruen to help them out when Jeff moves back.

He marries Carol Olson in Here Come the Bridesmaids! on the beach on December 17; she is now Dawn and Jeff's stepmother. They went on a honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.

Prior to marrying Carol, they had broken their engagement in Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club until they got back together in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever. During their breakup he casually dated several women, including Clarice Dubina, Karina Whitaker, Kayla, and Barbara Hinkley (all of whom were either really weird or extremely rude).

Jack visits his kids and calls them as much as he can. Jeff and Dawn visit him for the first time after the divorce toward the end of the summer just prior to the events of The Ghost at Dawn's House. He feels so guilty about not seeing them for that long that he temporarily becomes a Disneyland Daddy. Dawn goes back to California to visit her father and brother in Dawn on the Coast, stays with them for six months beginning in Dawn's Big Move, and finally moves back to California permanently in Farewell, Dawn. In Dawn, Diary Two, Jack becomes a father for the third time when Carol gives birth to their daughter, Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson.


  • It’s never said what he does for a living, but he does take business trips. Dawn says he's a businessman in Dawn and the Impossible Three.
  • Jack is a great cook, though in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever, Dawn notes that he made a few "weird dad meals" (which were uneatable and caused them to have to go out for dinner) after he stopped casually dating and before he started seeing Carol again.
  • He always uses chopsticks with Thai food.
  • Early on he is super organized like Dawn, but in Here Come The Bridesmaids Jeff says Jack is a slob.
  • Jack, like the rest of his family, enjoys healthy foods (though he does occasionally eat red meat and even junk food).
  • Jack is a football fan
  • His nickname for Dawn is 'Sunshine'.
  • Jack makes his first trip to Stoneybrook in BSC in the USA.
  • He's not a vegetarian (or at least not a strict one) like his daughter; he ate hot dogs in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever at a baseball game, as well as cotton candy at a carnival (though Dawn thinks he only did it to be polite to his date, who also had some).
  • He plays tennis with Paul Rapkin's father in California Girls!.
  • The Gold Rush is his favorite Chaplin film in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.
  • He enjoys carnivals in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.
  • He isn’t a great driver in Here Come the Bridesmaids!, but he is one of the RV drivers in BSC in the USA. In the former book Dawn does say that she thinks his erratic driving was due to nerves from getting married, suggesting he isn't usually that bad behind the wheel.
  • He has a friend named Mr. Choi who is an art dealer that has an RV in BSC in the USA.
  • Jack admits that he has a big mouth and has lost friends because of it in BSC in the USA.
  • He is very attentive to Carol during her pregnancy, especially when she has to go on complete bed rest.

Media Portrayals[]

The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix series)[]

In this version he is played by Andy Canete and renamed "Marc". In this version he is gay and the divorce is mostly friendly (partly because he told Sharon he realized he was gay and she accepted). He has a new partner named Gus.