Jackie Rodowsky is seven years old and one of the BSC charges. He is the younger brother of Shea Rodowsky and the older brother of Archie Rodowsky. Jackie is a member of the Rodowsky Family. He is accident prone and called "The Walking Disaster,” the BSC will still love him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is described as having red hair and a freckled face. Jackie has a big contagious grin with one tooth missing. He loses a tooth play softball. He is said to look like Alfred E. Neuman.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Shea and his brothers with Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold, Matt and Haley Braddock send complimentary anonymous notes to the BSC. They treat them to lunch, Jackie and Archie even draw them portraits of them for being their favorite baby-sitters in Claudia's Freind Friend.

He is the only kid on the Krushers who doesn't look neat. Jackie is a pretty solid softball hitter. He plays on the Krashers with as shortstop or second base.

Jessi helps him make a working volcano for the science fair, but she does most of the work, and he fumble his lines in front of the judges.

Plays kazoo in All the Children of the World. He is the one that thinks of the name for the band. He acts as emcee for the performance.

He tried to paint inside of Bo's doghouse while Claudia is sitting and Shea paints half of the outside.

Nicky and Jackie were acting odd in Stacey's Secret Friend. He had borrowed his mother's cell phone one day. A couple of guys he knows thought he stole a jacket from one of them. Jackie told them that he had one just like, but they didn't believe it was really his and said that they would beat him up. Nicky Pike acted as his bodyguard until the situation was resolved.

Disasters[edit | edit source]

Jackie his a home run and breaks at window at SES.

Scratches his eye with a drinking straw and has to wear an eye path for a few days.

Has had a raisin stuck up his nose.

Has had his arm stuck in his pants drawer.

Sprains his ankle after falling from a tree and has to use a cane for awhile.

Has a concussion after his bike hits a tree and he is not wearing a helmet. He was unconscious and taken to the hospital where fluid is drain from under his skull.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Pets[edit | edit source]

  • Bo, the family dog
  • Elizabeth, a male grasshopper.

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