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Jacqui Grant is Stacey McGill's ex-friend. She is friends with Sheila MacGregor, Mia Pappas, Andi Gentile, Heather Epstein, Alex Z, and Robert Brewster.


Jacqui has dark red hair with a green streak in it. She has pale skin and a constant sly grin on her face. She has a nose piercing.


She also smokes. She shoplifts, drinks alcohol, and is sometimes very flirty and likes to eat.

She became friends with Stacey though Robert, shortly after Stacey quit the BSC. She and the other girls hung out at Stacey’s house almost every day in the summer, and they also hung around when she got a job. She tricked Stacey into buying her clothing and standing in line all day for tickets to U4Me. She also stole things from Bellair's.

She stopped being friends with Stacey after she snuck wine into the concert and got drunk with all her friends. She was caught by security at the concert. Mrs. McGill helped Stacey realize that she wasn’t a real friend and did wrong things.

After Stacey and the Bad Girls, she only appeared once more, in Super Special #15 Baby-sitters' European Vacation. When Robert went to Europe, she tried flirting with him and asked him if he wanted a smoke, but he turned her down.

She once got caught going from movie to movie mentioned in Stacey's Broken Heart by getting stuck between the seats.