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Jacob "Jake" Kuhn is an eight year old sitting charge of the The Baby-Sitters Club. He is the only son of Harry and Caroline Kuhn, and older brother of Laurel Kuhn and Patsy Kuhn. He is a member of the Kuhn Family. Jake and the rest of his family is Jewish.


Jake is a little overweight and used to be called fatso in Kristy and the Walking Disaster, but isn't pudgy anymore by Kristy and the Missing Child. He has brown eyes and dark blonde hair.


Buddy is the one that told him about the Krushers and joined the team along side him in Kristy and the Walking Disaster.

He's not a natural athlete but is still a member of the Stars, a Saturday soccer league. He needs a male presence in the house, like Logan Bruno. Jake and Logan bond over playing soccer in Mary Anne Breaks the Rules. He never used to be terribly interested in sports and he wanted to quit. Now is totally into soccer.

One time he disappeared after a Krushers game in Kristy and the Missing Child. Kristy had felt guilty since she was the last one to see him. Jake's picture was on television and his mother interviewed. He was found in a hole in a construction site two days later. He only had a couple of bruises and sore legs from the accident.

He played Squanto in the play in Claudia and the First Thanksgiving.

Jake once ordered "moon dust" and stain remover through the mail and ending up selling it later in Stacey's Choice.



  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Getting mail


  • Being called "fatso" (#20)