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James Hobart is an eight year old client of the clubs. He is the younger brother of Ben Hobart and older brother of Matthew and Johnny Hobart. James is a member of the Hobart Family. He is in third grade with Nicky Pike at Stoneybrook Elementary School. He is originally from from Australia and lives with his family in Mary Anne's old house.


Like his brothers, he has reddish-blond hair, round faces and freckles across his nose.


James' first friend is Susan Felder, when kids tease her because she's an autistic savant in Kristy and the Secret of Susan.

He has a crush on Carolyn Arnold and goes with her to the Valentine's Day Masquerade Party where he gives her a card. He originally wanted to dress up and give her a carnation, but Jessi had talked him out of it, citing the difference between customs in Australia and the US.

Zach and Mel Tucker make fun of James because he was different. They make fun of the play he wrote and the fact he was playing with Myriah and Gabbie Perkins. Zach invites him over to play catch and watch a horror movie to teach him how to be a boy. They are friends now, but they still make fun of James's accent. They do not tease him anymore in Kristy and the Secret of Susan.

In Dawn and the Older Boy, he's interesting in drama. James was writing his class play in the book.

In Farewell, Dawn, James broke his leg in two places learning how to play American football with Nicky and Margo Pike and his siblings. He had surgery to get pins into his leg. The BSC throws a Christmas in the summer party for him. His parents gave him a Gameboy since he's been bedridden. Ben gives him a game of Tetris to go with it.

James played Massasoit, the Chief of the Wampanoag people, in the play in Claudia and the First Thanksgiving.

In Kristy and the Mystery Train, he is friends with Derek Masters and goes on the train with Derek and their friends.



  • His favorite color is blue (M#33)


  • Being bullied.


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