James "Jamie" Anderson Newton is a sitting charge of the BSC that the members often look after. In Kristy's Great Idea he is 3 years old, Jamie turned 4 sometime before Claudia and Mean Janine, and he turned 5 around the time of Logan Likes Mary Anne!. He has an infant sister named Lucy Newton and a member of the Newton Family. He is one of the club's favorite clients and lived on Bradford Court near Claudia Kishi.


In photos he appears to have brown/dirty blond hair and a bowl cut.

Biography Edit

Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia baby-sat for Jamie even before the BSC began. He is smart, not a quitter, but not energetic, affectionate, and hardly ever cranky. He attends nursery school.

Jamie is one of the younger players on Kristy's Krushers and tries hard, but can't hit the ball. He is at that stage where he wants to do everything himself even though he's not great yet at things such as buckles, buttons, and shoelaces.

Jamie gets a new bike which is red with white racing stripes with training wheels. He is afraid of falling when twigs and leaves are in his way. He takes the training wheels off his bike because he thinks they're babyish, but puts them back on after he falls. A guy named Rich in his neighborhood helped him overcome his fear.

He participated in the plastic weight-lifting event BSC Mini-Olympics. He and Lucy attended the Spring Dance at the Stoneybrook Community Center where Jamie dances with his mother.

At first, Jamie was jealous of Lucy when she was first born, but later starts to adore her. Jamie has a playground and set of swings in his backyard and plays on them sometimes. He also says "hi-hi" to everyone and loves to play G.I. Joes. (Kristy’s Great Idea #1)




  • Lucy (briefly)


  • Jamie and Lucy are two of Kristy and Claudia's favorite baby sitting charges.
  • He had the chicken pox and has a chicken pox scar on his cheek.
  • He was afraid of Halloween, but Jessi reads him a book called "Georgie's Halloween" to help him overcome his fear.
  • Jamie won a squirt gun for Lucy at Sudsy's.
  • Once cut his fingers on a broken vase while Mal sits.
  • His great-great-great-grandfather is Native American.
  • He's a leftie

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