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Jane Simmons is the infant daughter of Ms. Colman and Mr. Simmons. Ms. Colman first made the announcement of her pregnancy in Karen's Big Sister.


Jane was born before the events of Karen's New Puppy. In Karen's Softball Mystery she is described as having soft brown skin, curly black hair, and big dark sparkly eyes by Karen Brewer. The class saw pictures of Jane and met her when Ms. Colman returned to school. Jane is three months old in the book.

In Karen's Big Sister, the kids in Ms. Colman's class have a surprise baby shower for her. Karen Brewer knitted a crib blanket for her in the book. Everyone brought in a gift for Jane when she was born.

She is last seen in Karen's Gift.


  • Ms. Colman (mother)
  • Mr. Simmons (father)
  • Dorothy Colman (maternal grandmother)
  • Unnamed maternal grandfather (likely deceased)
  • Pat Bradley (maternal aunt)
  • Doug Bradley (maternal uncle by marriage)
  • Caroline Bradley (maternal cousin)