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Janice Ramsey is the mother of Jessi, Becca, and Squirt Ramsey. She is married to John Ramsey.


Janice and Jessi are very close. She wakes up at the same time as Jessi does to practice ballet in the basement at 5:29 am. It's likely that she doesn't know that Jessi knows she wakes up at the same time.

Janice used to work in advertising before leaving her job to have children. In Jessi's Baby-sitter, Janice returns to work full time and John's older sister, Cecelia Parker moves in to help take care of the kids.

In Graduation Day, Jessi mentions that her best friend is the same one she had since she was four. They had made plans to get married to twins, live in one house, and become actresses. Her friend lives in Chicago, but they still talk on the phone and see each other twice a year.

Before she got her job in Jessi's Baby-sitter, Janice would drive Jessi to and from her dance class in Stamford.



Netflix series[]

She will be played by actress Brandee Steger. [1]. This is the first time Mrs. Ramsey is portrayed on screen.