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Jannie Gilbert is a student in Ms. Colman's second grade class at Stoneybrook Academy.


In Karen's Pen Pal, Karen said that Jannie had pierced ears. However, in Karen's Show and Share she mentioned that she's not allowed to get her ears pierced until she's in eighth grade. In The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class illustrations, she is depicted with strawberry blonde or a ginger color shoulder length hair with bangs.


In Karen's Candy, she and her friends sell candy in a competition against Karen and her friends.

In Class Play, she is cast as Tweedledum and has fun playing the role. She is the one that discovers that Leslie was sabotaging the play. She and Leslie get into a fight but make up in the end.

She and Jannie had fought over a position on the Fun Night Committee in Karen's Magician. Neither of them followed the rules or won and eventually made up. They participated in the talent show doing a tongue twister together.

In Karen's Secret Valentine, she sent Pamela mean things pretending to be her secret valentine after having a fight. She had been framing Karen. She comes clean by the end of the book. Despite being a little mad, Pamela forgives her.

Jannie was on the Red Brigade in Karen's School Mystery. She passed along her badge and belt in a ceremony at the end of the month with Chris Lamar.

She is seen briefly in Claudia and Crazy Peaches skating by Natalie's house and stuck her tongue out at her. She is later seen with Pamela and Leslie with their bikes. She likes hopscotch and stopped to play at Natalie's house and made homemade lemonade. She left when Natalie got bossy.

In Spelling Bee, she was the first to lose the spelling bee. She starts to study harder and in chapter 8, she's one of the final 3 before getting a word wrong.


In Karen's Sleepover, she mentions that she has a brother. He told her that lightning is caused by angry ghosts. If they're angry enough, they will send a lightning gold right down to the ground.

She has a cousin who has a golden retriever puppy as mentioned in Baby Animal Zoo.

Her dad works for a newspaper, it's unknown if it's the Stoneybrook News or not.



  • She has a cat named Eloise that she brought to school in Teacher's Pet.



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