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Jeff Schafer
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Full name

Jeffrey Charles "Jeff" Schafer


#4 Mary Anne Saves the Day


#15 Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn




Palo City, California




Jack Schafer (father)
Sharon Spier (mother)
Richard Spier (step-father)
Carol Olson (stepmother)
Dawn Schafer (older sister)
Mary Anne Spier (step-sister)
Elizabeth Grace Schafer-Olson (half-sister)
Amy Porter (second cousin)


Vista Private School
Stoneybrook Elementary School



First Appearance

#4 Mary Anne Saves the Day

Final Appearance
Portrayed by

Jeffrey "Jeff" Schafer is Dawn's ten-year-old younger brother, Jack Schafer's son, Carol Olson's stepson, Sharon Spier's son, and Richard Spier's stepson. Jeff is part of the Schafer Family and the Spier/Schafer Family.

Appearance & Personality[]


Jeff has spiky sun-bleached hair in Dawn's Family Feud. He is skinny and a bit messy, since he has jelly on his elbow at breakfast in Dawn and The We ♥️ Kids Club. He and Dawn look very much alike.


He is able to stay calm in rough situations and is easy going, such as in Baby-sitters' Island Adventure, where they get lost on an island. He's pretty relaxed about things like Dawn and his mother; he has an active imagine as described in Dawn's Family Feud. Jeff is described as fairly responsible, yet not allowed to to have friends over if Dawn isn't there in The Ghost at Dawn's House.


Jeff was born in Palo City and he is three years younger than Dawn. He moved with his mom and sister to Stoneybrook in Mary Anne Saves the Day, but did not adjust to the move well. He got into trouble in school a lot and got into a few fights (mostly with Jerry Haney) because he missed his dad. He hated most things about Stoneybrook. He finally chose to move back to California with his father in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn. He hates most things about Connecticut.

Jeff comes back to Stoneybrook for winter vacation for a week in Dawn's Big Date.

In Dawn's Family Feud he doesn't get along with Richard because he's not as athletic as Jeff and is stricter than Jeff's father or mother. According to his mother he has only sent one letter to his mom in six months.

Jeff, unlike Dawn, was quick to accept Carol as his stepmother, but hates her sense of style. He loves his baby sister, Gracie, and helped name her in Dawn, Diary Two.

He likes the Schafers' housekeeper, Mrs. Bruen, and was worried about her losing her job when his dad, Jack, married his new wife Carol in Here Come the Bridesmaids!. However, since Carol is also very messy, Mrs. Bruen now had more work to do. His room tends to be on the messy side, or as he prefers to put it: organized chaos. Sometimes it gets so bad that Jack just closes the door and assumes everything is all right as long as he can't smell anything. Mrs. Bruen is not allowed to move or touch the clutter on his floor in California Girls!.

Jeff is a good baby-sitter such as when he helps Dawn sit for Carol's friends kids in CA in Mary Anne and Too Many Boys.

He convinced his parents on Halloween to give out candy instead of apples and raisins in Dawn and the Halloween Mystery. He sometimes eats meat (like a hot dog) in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever.

Jeff joins the BSC as a baby-sitting in training, but it takes too much time in Dawn and Too Many Sitters. There are better things to do like rollerblading. He is compiling/writing Jeff's off the wall, Krazy, Explode Your Sides Sense of Humor (a.k.a, The Jeff Schafer Book of Funniest Jokes Ever Told, Volume One) during the book. He loves to make people laugh and wants to be a comedian when he is older.

In Claudia and the New Girl, Jeff got in trouble with Ms. Besser. It was the third time he threw a blackboard eraser across the room. This time it knocked over Simon Beal's tile mosaic and it broke. Then one of the tiles cut Lynn's leg and Jeff got into a fight with Jerry Haney.

Jeff has to be rushed to the hospital with a ruptured appendix in Logan's Story. This causes Sharon and Dawn to leave to California to be with him, leaving Logan Bruno to briefly take her place. He stays at the hospital for more then a week, but recovers fully.

Jeff along with Dawn Schafer, Claudia Kishi, Haley Braddock, Jamie Newton, and Becca Ramsey got stuck on Nine O'Clock Island in Baby-sitters' Island Adventure. He caught fish for everyone on the island and cut his foot which got infected. He returned home by the end of the book. Jeff missed the press conference and asked for a copy of the article since nobody believed him.

In Snowbound, his plane was rerouted to Washington D.C. when the plane couldn't land because of the snow. A flight attendant stayed with him. Jeff was upset that he couldn't make it home in time, but happy to order room service at the hotel. He was one of the two kids traveling alone, the other was a little girl who kept crying thinking the plane was hijacked. Jeff was allowed to keep the shoehorn from the hotel and put in Richard's stocking.



  • Soccer and sports (#64)
  • Junk food (M#17)
  • Chocolate cake (#9)
  • His favorite shirt is his green and white striped t-shirt (#64)
  • Mexican food is his favorite (#64)
  • Favorite frozen yogurt is double chocolate chip (#64)
  • Loves to create elaborate Halloween costumes (M#17)
  • Vending machines (#15)
  • Photo booths (#15)
  • Machines that plasticize things (#15)
  • He loves Disneyland, and his favorite place to go is Frontierland (Dawn on the Coast#23)
  • Indiana Jones (#34)
  • Space Creature comics (#9)
  • Grateful Dead (SS#5)
  • The Kannibal Krew Magazine (#98)


  • Getting up early (#64)
  • Changing diapers (#98)



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