Jenny Prezzioso is one of the BSC charges. Her younger sister is Andrea Prezzioso.

Plot Edit

She is thought of as a brat by the BSC members, except for Mary Anne, who actually likes her. In book 5, when Mrs. Prezzioso needed a sitter, everyone else made up excuses so they cannot sit for her. In book 4, Jenny had a fever and was sent to hospital.

She is called "Angel" by her mother. Mrs. Prezzioso dresses her up neatly. In book 7, where they put on a play group, Jenny refused to put on a smock. It was Andrew, saying that he was a monster, who made her wear a smock.

She is friends with one of the Pike girls, Claire Pike. She is also friends with Suzi Barrett.

She used to be spoiled by her mother. Her mother bought her expensive clothing, dolls, and gifts. When her little sister Andrea Prezzioso was born, her mother stopped spoiling her as much as she used to. One of the gifts from her mother is a fancy watch. She started dressing much less fancy.

In book 73, her sister Andrea was being a model. Jenny started being fancy again to impress her mother, and she thought her mother didn’t love her as much. Her mother reassured her and told her it was okay.

Trivia Edit

  • Mary Anne is her favorite sitter
  • She loves the shopping channel.

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