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Jennifer Prezzioso or Jenny is a three year old (later 4) Baby-Sitters Club charge. She is affectionately called Angel by her mother. Her parents are Madeleine and Nick and her younger sister is Andrea Prezzioso. She is a member of the Prezzioso Family.


Jenny has dark brown hair that she sometimes wears with bows. She doesn't get dressed up like she used to anymore. Jenny used to wear ribbons in her hair, lacy socks, never pants, and always looked immaculate. In Mary Anne and Miss Priss, she is said to have blue eyes.


She is thought of as a brat by the BSC members, except for Mary Anne, who actually likes her. Jenny is said to be a slow and picky eater. She doesn't know how to share and when she's left alone she complains bitterly. In Dawn and the Impossible Three, when Mrs. Prezzioso needed a sitter, everyone else made up excuses so they would not sit for her.

In Mary Anne Saves the Day, Jenny had a fever and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance. Jenny was diagnosed with a strep throat.

Mrs. Prezzioso dresses her up neatly. In Claudia and Mean Janine, where they put on a play group, Jenny refused to put on a smock. It was Andrew, saying that he was a monster, who made her wear a smock.

Jenny knows she's being bribed by her mother with presents to prevent jealousy of the new baby. She acts jealous and even pretends to be a baby again in chapter 10 and the trashes the nursery in Mary Anne vs. Logan. She doesn't want to be a big sister but loves her when she sees Andrea.

She becomes Miss Priss again again when she becomes jealous of Andrea's modeling career which begins in Mary Anne and Miss Priss. Jenny starts being fancy again to impress her mother because she thinks her mother doesn't love her as much. Later, she becomes a slob, and then goes back to doing things in moderation. Her mother reassures her and tells her it is okay.

She participates in the BSC's world records book in Kristy + Bart = ?.

She was in Mary Anne's group when the BSC took their clients to Sudsy's Carnival in Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise.



  • Barbies
  • A ratty old clown doll she calls Mr. Bog
  • Stuffed monkey called Monkey Matthew
  • Candy Land is her favorite game.
  • She loves the home shopping channel.
  • Mary Anne is her favorite sitter
  • Sesame Street (in #45)
  • Pee-wee Herman (inM#1)


  • Being slobby
  • Dogs
  • To be called Jen.
  • Putting on sunscreen


Media Portrayals[]

TV series[]

She is played by Grace Francies Vella in the episode Mary Anne and the Brunettes. Her name is spelled as Jennie in the credits.