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Jeremy Rudolph is a new Stoneybrook Middle School student and love interest of Stacey McGill and later Claudia Kishi who they fight over. He makes his first appearance in Stacey vs. Claudia.


He has brown eyes and floppy brown hair. Jeremy has a leather shoelace with one red bead that he wears on his right wrist. Claudia notes in Claudia Gets Her Guy that Jeremy walks with a little swing to his step and has a habit of flipping back the hair that hangs down over his eyes. Kristy Thomas thinks he's cute in Kristy Power!. Stacey notes that he looks like his dad in Stacey vs. Claudia.


Jeremy is originally from Olympia, Washington. In Stacey vs. Claudia, he went on a "date" (Stacey faked being sick so they could be together) with Claudia. She learns that he can speak Spanish and knows Navajo. He lived in New Mexico for awhile.

In Claudia and the Friendship Feud it's mentioned that he's really good at science and Mrs. Gonzalez thinks he has a chance at winning a prize. Jeremy is also taking skating lessons and considers signing up for hockey. He and Claudia end up running into each other a lot at school. Then he ends up calling her and talking to her for about two hours. He plans on entering the science fair and Mrs. Gonzalez thinks he has a shot at winning. He takes skating lessons and wants to join Stoneybrook's junior league hockey team.

Stacey and Jeremy break up in Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap. He didn't like that Stacey was friendly with lots of different guys and that they didn't have much in common.

He was interested in Claudia as a friend. In Claudia Gets Her Guy, they talk about how they wanted to date but decided it would better if they weren't together.

In Kristy Power! he is partnered with Claudia. He tells her that one of his most meaningful experiences is when he swam with dolphins, it was like he was communicating with them.


  • Claudia
  • Drawing


  • Stuffing


  • His homeroom is in the same hall as Claudia's locker.
  • He is friendly with Pete Black, Cary Retlin, Alan Gray, and Trevor Sandbourne.
  • He's in Claudia's English class.
  • Jeremy's locker is in the same hall as Claudia's science class.
  • In Claudia and the Friendship Feud, he invited Stacey over for Thanksgiving.
  • His grandmother's name is Joan who had died a few years prior.
  • He has cousins from Atlanta, GA.
  • He had a girlfriend back in Washington but had broken up when he realized they were moving.
  • Jeremy's mom opens new offices for a big corporation.
  • His dad is an abstract painter.
  • In Claudia and the Friendship Feud, his grandfather lives in Stoneybrook.

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